The National Model County Governments Conference (National MCG) is an academic simulation program of the devolved system of governance in Kenya. The program aims to engage university/college students in discourses on intergovernmental relations and the devolution agenda in the country.

The main objective of the National MCG program is to engage the students into active leadership programs in governance at both the county and national levels. Besides, the program seeks to;

  1. Introduce experiential seminal learning designs to the 21st century university/college student,
  2. Develop and nurture transformational leadership skills in the students (delegates),
  3. Appreciate the workings of diplomacy in intergovernmental/international negotiations,
  4. Establish a pool of highly trained qualified young professionals,
  5. Provide opportunities for students to participate in international programs on leadership,
  6. Establish professional networks for youth mentorship in the country, and
  7. Enhance cross-cultural exchanges amongst students in the country.


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